Sunday, April 20, 2008

under a scorpio moon

i accomplished an amazing amount - for me, anyway - this weekend. i spent at least three hours in the gardens - maybe four. the center plots are cleaned, raked, weeded and the first round of annuals planted - pansies and sweet alyssum.

i reclaimed a garden that has been allowed to run amok lo these many years, but its one of the faerie gardens, and so the plants were amazingly cooperative. my little center plot - the one i've been waging a pyrrhic war with for the last six years - seems to have come under the spell of the yarrow, the artemisa and the echinacea. or maybe its the sweet william, thyme and russian sage that seems to have conquered the will of anything else that wants to grow there. we had a relatively mild winter too, and i have learned to mulch that garden well, so maybe that's what did the trick. or maybe the faeries who live under the rocks decided to help out in that one, too.

i trimmed back all the ivy that grows by the back garden steps, chopping and tugging away what seemed like years of untrammeled growth. as i cut and raked and pulled and swept, it occured to me that without focus and care, even the best laid intentions and plans 'gang aft awry' as robert burns so eloquently put it. the ivy yielded to my brand new shears surprisingly easily. i think it was glad for the trim, too.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

i secretly believe in fairies, even though i haven't told anyone. everyone i know would call me a crackpot. except maybe one or two. but i feel their presence so strongly now that it's spring. it makes me excited to think about it, but bummed that i can't really talk about it.