Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blessed beltane

the first of may, which began on may eve, was for the ancient celts one of the most sacred turning points in the wheel of the year. the festival of "bel's fire" marked the beginning of the celtic summer. (this is why the summer solstice is referred to as midsummer. it's midway between beltane and lughnasa - the first of the harvest festivals which marks the beginning of the autumn in the celtic world.)

this is a time when the veils between the worlds thin, when the faerie frolic, when it is especially possible to cross the fluid borders between this world and the Other.

i marked the setting of the sun tonight in a yoga class. ironically, i thought i was signing up for Gentle Yoga - and found myself in Yoga For Strength. i am sure i heard my angels snickering - they seem serious about the kickboxing if im not quite convinced.

as i struggled to maintain torturous variations of Proud Warrior through an interminable number of breaths, i felt a deep burning in my core, in my muscles, in my bones. find the courage, admonished the instructor, when i would have wavered. two more breaths, you can do it. and i did. most of the time. it was after all, just the first class.

may the fires of beltane burn forever in the summer of your soul. blessed be.

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