Wednesday, August 27, 2008

eating like an Angel

baby jake and i ate like Angels today. we were so good! here's what we had:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, sliced banana, cranberry juice for him, coffee with cream for me.

mid-morning snack - 6 oz baba for him, i wasn't hungry

lunch - leftover grilled rainbow veggies (green squash, yellow squash, celery, carrots, purple onions) with leftover fettucine, blackberry yogurt, lemonade for me, cranberry juice for him

mid-afternoon snack - 6 oz baba for him, handful of dried cranberries and sea-salted almonds for me, coffee with cream.

supper - half grilled chicken breast, sauteed spinach in lemon and garlic, basmati rice.

after supper - the last of the fudge. im ashamed and embarrassed to admit i scooped out all the fudge crumbs, too! :)

i thought i managed two rainbows today.... (purple onions, blackberry yogurt, spinach, squash, celery, yellow squash, bananas, lemons, carrots, cranberries and tomatos... but now i see im short a serving of orange. perhaps a glass of orange juice might be nice before bed...

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