Monday, August 18, 2008

home again, home again

i got home around noon time today... to a spotlessly clean house - well, nearly, considering the amount of upheaval in it - a fresh pot of coffee, and a pan of brownies.

i came home with a new dress for the funeral, three packages of taylor pork roll, a small bottle of lourdes water, and a potholder from provence. sam and buddy were beside themselves with joy at their reunion and poor buddy didn't know who to slurp first - me, or sam.

one of the sweetest surprises awaiting me is that i see that my friend rose of WHAT ROSE TODAY (among other places) has apparently become a newly adopted puppy-mom! congrats and best wishes to rose and The Boy on this new totally adorable addition! yet more incentive to start baking Granny Annie's Wicked Good Cookies for Wicked Good Dogs - and put them in my etsy shop. (you didn't know i had an etsy shop, did you, gentle reader? you may not even know what an etsy shop is.)

this afternoon libby and i did a spot of back-to-school shopping and this evening, Beloved is taking me out to dinner. tomorrow my book group is coming over and i need to do some thinking about what - and where - to serve them. if the weather warrants, it might be nice to be outside.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Spirit said...

I would like to see this shop. links?