Tuesday, August 26, 2008

some things i did today

as summer days go, this one was pretty good.

i began the morning at my physical therapist, where my shoulder and upper arm muscles were first pulverized and then lasered.

i came home and checked on the baby holly trees. there's at least a dozen of them, roughly six males and six females. so far, so good. the rooting hormone seems to keep the water clear, but i think im going to need rooting mix and some sturdier pots by the weekend. they are prickly little suckers, literally, reminding me that holly leaves are prickliest near the bottom.

i harvested four good size bundles of white sage and gathered fresh plaintain, wild impatiens and mugwort. the wild impatiens and the plaintain, i mascerated in my mortar with olive oil and used it on my eyelids along with a hot salt soak a couple times today. im not sure what got them so irritated - i think allergies and generally "gunky" eyes - my opthamologist assured me this is the correct medical term - caused a tear duct to block.

i used the mugwort in an oatstraw and dandelion root infusion i drank at noon. i wasn't planning on adding dandelion, but the most adorable little plant with the cutest little roots jumped into my hands while i was weeding, and so i chopped it up and added it to my brew. the oatstraw tasted gently green and soothing.

i worked on the outside of my dollhouse. who'd have thought the outside would be such a bugbear to paint? im thinking of switching color schemes. i wanted the dollhouse done before the real house and now im thinking the latter will be done long before the former at this pace.

i gathered all the weeds and cuttings i couldn't use and left them in a bundle on the bridge as an offering to hecate, a little late, but an offering nonetheless, in thanksgiving for my grandmother's finally-swift passing. she told her care coordinator the day before she was taken to the hospital that she was ready to die, and less than a week later, she was dead.

i did three loads of laundry, cleaned in all the zones. i walked, napped and ate like an Angel all day. this evening im attending the psychic development circle at the purple rose while Beloved goes to fight. there's pork chops and sauteed veggies for supper tonight - im hoping to get in another full rainbow.

as summer days go, it was a very nice day.


Rural Writer said...

Ah... to live the writers life...sigh...

Walk in the Woods said...

An amazing day indeed. :)

Linda Robertson said...

Hi Annie!

I've been gone a while and had to catch up. My father passed away the 31st, so I am just starting to get things back together and feel like normal, and then I have a day when I boo-hoo for no good reason, well it's as good a reason as any, but its not like something in particular brought it on... just more like it was time to let some of it go.

I'm sorry for your loss, and mine. I understand the... separation...inherent in a family with differing religions. I had to deal with it myself, and had to say my spiritual goodbyes alone. Oddly enough though, everyone was leaving my father's room to go home for the night, but were down the hall tlking with the nurse...I had settled in with my computer (to edit, of course) in the corner as I was going to stay with him. And that was when he chose to go. He felt at ease enough with me there to slip away.

Cherish your memories; surely she took the time to build them with you for that reason. *Hugs*

annie kelleher said...

aw, linda, i am so sorry for YOUR loss. i am sure it was a much greater loss than mine... mine feels far more like a relief and a release. the albatross has flown the coop - or something like that - and suddenly i am free! ty for your kind words and wishes. i wish you the same.. times three! love and hugs, annie