Friday, August 29, 2008

an hour of deep content

autumn has invaded, bringing chilly nights and nippy mornings, nippy enough to send me inside for socks on my daily march up and down the drive. three laps of the driveway, from the house to the street, is a mile and i am determined to walk at least seven miles daily by winter.

though if the seasons continue to change at this rate, there will be snow by october.

last night the chill and a loaf of nearly-stale bread, plus a plethora of eggs, inspired me to bake a bread pudding. (lest my gentle readers wonder what the Angels would think, please be assured that the Angels who have everything but physical form, take divine delight when WE savor something as delicious as homemade bread pudding.)

as the oven warmed the kitchen, and the smell of cinnamon and ginger filled the upstairs, libby and i snuggled on the couch. we ate the pudding still steaming while we watched Nanny 911.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Tammie Lee said...

So nice to meet you. Your bread pudding sounds amazing, I can almost smell it! Walking is a wonderful thing for our spirit and health. I had a cranial sacral teacher that said one of the best things we could do was walk with a good friend for it loosened the hips and the jaw (chatting).
I am honored that you have linked to my blog.

Spirit said...

That sounds so wonderful. You named some of my favorite things about falls. Chilly mornings incozy sweats and socks and baking comforting foods, and getting comfy with the kids. Brings me peace just reading it.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Bread pudding!!!! Oh that is truly angelic!!!! Heaven, complete heaven. I really must learn how to make that in a gluten free version...ok and dairy free. Did I just take all the joy out of it?

annie kelleher said...

the Angels say that by eating the Angel Way, it frequently becomes possible for gluten-sensitive people to tolerate small amounts of gluten once in a while without all the bad side effects. the Angels would prefer us to deemphasize grains in our diets and to focus on rainbows and "white" or whole protein foods. according to the Angels, due to cultural and societal pressures, we are encouraged to eat and use far more grains and grain products than is possibly good for us. the recommended amounts are based on the needs of men doing hard labor and growing boys. i avoid as much gluten as i can - i eat no more than one - three servings of "brown" foods a day - but brown foods also include things like rice, potatoes and corn that are low in gluten. so that serving a bread pudding was maybe one of the only gluten-full foods i had in several days. (no wonder it tasted so good!)

the Angels say you can substitute almond milk for the whole milk in the pudding. :)