Sunday, August 3, 2008

first of fall

the weather took a decidedly chilly turn last night. at some point, i remember reaching for the heavier blanket at the bottom of the bed, and by the time i woke up, the fan, for the first time in weeks, raised goose bumps on my skin.

it feels like the first day of fall.

Beloved and i spent the morning foraging up and down the aisles of home depot. the trip was successful - we got a new door, new screen door, dishwasher, inside and outside lights and all kinds of plugs and plates and sockets. but the change in pressure, coupled with the peculiar intensity of the light, gave me a migraine. i took a nap but the feeling is still with me... it's so pretty outside i couldn't resist pulling a few weeds in my sorely neglected gardens.

im going to rest on the couch with something restorative...and then, if i feel up to it, drive over to see my grandmother. they did some of her tests today... i can't help but feel if its something serious... they'd have called by now.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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