Monday, August 4, 2008

what i did today

- laundry - five loads, including white towels, colored towels, dark colds, sheets, and throw rugs
- dinner - chicken pot pie
- garden - weeded along the driveway
- my bathroom and bedroom - scrubbed, mopped, dusted and linens changed
- entry hall and steps - dusted, vacuumed and mopped
- game room - contents of closet and room sorted, items trashed or set aside for donation, rugs vacuumed and deodorized
- meg's bed and bath - tidied
- living room - mopped and vacuumed
- car - bumper fixed
- dogs - fed, walked, brushed, loved
- grandmother - visited
- mother - called
- sisters - emails answered, phone call returned
- baby jake - cuddled and kissed
- meg and libby - treated to books, ice cream and lunch
- katie - extra pot-pie made for dinner tomorrow
- Beloved - given Best Husband Award for sundry and diverse virtues

i remember my father said to me, shortly after he took over the primary responsibilty for the household after my stepmother's diagnosis, "my goodness, honey, i had no idea women worked so hard!"

oh, daddy, if you only knew.


A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Now at least your dad has been enlightened in this lifetime! Go dad!!!

Judy Vars said...

You're a good kid!