Tuesday, March 24, 2009

five random thoughts for a tuesday

1. im nearly finished my Eating the Angel Way article for The Door Opener. i just need to find out from the editor whether or not i get additional words for a sidebar, or if i have to count those words as part of my allotment.

2. i've written roughly a third of my thank-you notes.

3. i'm up to the fourth chapter in my current story. i like the way the arthur pieces are weaving themselves in. so far, so good, though i have nothing outside of a rough plan in my head to guide me as to how that particular part of the story ends.

4. i'm so grateful for all my wonderful friends and family and my Beloved who made me feel so Loved on saturday.

5. i'm excited about my new "ask-annie" column over on SitedAndBlogged that's going to start running next wednesday. (at least i think it is. after i found out there was no colin interview i've been somewhat loathe to announce anything until i'm quite sure it's happening.) i'll be sharing what i know about writing - so please check it out... and by all means, ask a question... send them in to sitedandblogged@gmail.com and make sure you put ANNIE in the title.

oh, and the winners of yesterday's pay it forward monday? JULS, JULS, BRANDI and MARTHA!!!!!

congrats and come back next monday for another pay-it-forward post!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Annie, I saw you on sitedandblogged, too.
I wonder if the "grace" you are talking in friendship award was me. he-he-he

Martha said...

Great List! Thank you so much for the Pay it Forward!
Your See's chocolates is all packed up ready to go out in tomorrow's post.
I need to blog about being a chocolate tourist.
((Hugs)) and Thank you for your beautiful comment re.my brother.
He was with me last night, it was a restless night. Goddess Bless.

Juls said...

Awesome!! :) Love your list.. You are always so productive, and it's awesome that you have such good friends and family to throw you such an awesome party!

Laura Rose said...

And we are most grateful for you!

NJDecorator said...

I am also afraid to announce new things until I canget them right but I am trying to launch a monthly newletter for staging/decorating. Keep your fingers crossed.

April said...

Great job on getting so much accomplished, Annie! Sure wish I could say the same! "Auntie Flo" has been here the past few days and I'm ready to send that ol' bag packing! LOL! We're grateful for you, too!

Lynette said...

Annie you stay so busy. Gosh it has to be the Angle way of eating (or the Rainbow) that is keeping you energized. I do have a question...so guess I need to go to sitedandblogged.

Amanda K said...

Great list and that "Ask Annie" thing will be so much fun!