Thursday, March 26, 2009

a good day

it was a good day. i spent the morning answering email, commenting on blogs and finishing up chapter five. ive got five solid chapters and fifty pages... now i think it's time to show it to (gulp) Beloved. it's a good thing i love him or i'd've killed him by now for some of the stuff he's said about my work. but he reads every last sentence i ask him to, and he's frequently right. (damn it.)

i walked today at the reservoir with my friend doreen. it was a good day to walk - not too hot or too cold, not too windy, not too still. not too bright, not rainy.

i went shopping for rainbow food - the Angels have been talking to me, about as loudly as Angels get. this new moon in aries is the perfect time for new beginnings, to release old patterns, to recommit to making healthier, more nourshing choices. i had two full rainbows today, and not one thing processed or artificial except ... a tablespoon of salad dressing on my (complete rainbow) salad.

i addressed all the issues in the house that were bothering me, including vacuuming and dog hair all over the couches. the dishes are done, the laundry's caught up, dinners are planned through the weekend. (i got a large turkey breast... roast turkey tomorrow night, hot sandwiches on saturday, pot pie on sunday, carcass made into stock on monday.)

i wrote a few more thank you notes and when Beloved asked why it was takign so long, i said i could only write two or three at a time before my hand cramped up. "mommy," said libby, in her old lady voice, "you don't have to write so much, you know."

the only thing i didn't do which i really wish i did was tune into rose's show on blockhead radio. go to her blog - there's a direct link there... i've already got it on my calendar for next thursday at 1130 AM.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Juls said...

Very productive day. I'm not sure what eating a rainbow consists of ....but it sounds healthy!!:)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Sounds like you had a great day!! I'm with Juls - care to fill us in on what 'eating a rainbow' consists of? :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Oh - and I forgot to mention...LOVED that part about libby using her 'old lady voice'...sounds like something Princess Nagger would say and do... ;)

Lynette said...

i have not done any housework this week
it shows
and i don't know why
i am tired all the time right now
so send me some get off my hiney mojo!

thanks friend

Stacy and Juls
look in Annies old blogs she has a series on Rainbow Eating

Bonnie said...

What a great day you had. But you alwyas seem to have great days.