Thursday, August 13, 2009

all i did today

i took care of paperwork.

i finished cleaning meg's room, the laundry room, meg's bathroom, and the entry. the rest of the house, other than my writing room - just needs tidying.

the menu is planned for saturday - im expecting a small group ... just ten.

i packed up spring and late winter decorations.

i planned my Eating... the Angel Way talk im giving this evening at passiflora in new hartford (it's last minute, but come if you can). i even packed up our new brochures for our new reiki practice to bring to ruth.

i met Beloved for a drink and enjoyed his company after work this evening.

i treated my feet to copious of amounts of reiki and they continue to improve - i rate the pain in each foot at no more than a .3 despite two long days of heavy cleaning. i'll share more about the reiki tomorrow.

and, i had an Idea... one of the best kinds of Ideas... the kind that are meant to be Shared. blessed, blessed be. :)


Amy said...

You have been so busy...

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Sounds like you were quite productive today. I need to have more days like that.

Carol J. said...

Well, someone was a domestic goddess! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

There was good productive verve in the air yesterday. I can feel it today today too ... lurking behind the lingering mists.

And ... I like your ideas! :)