Sunday, August 2, 2009

what i call foresight

one day while shopping at marshall's when meg was 13 years old and still called me mommy, she brought me a dress off the clearance rack, marked down to $20. in those days, a shopping trip to marshall's equalled only a rare and sporadic indulgence, and 20$ frequently meant the difference between gas and lunch money.

"can i have it, mommy," she asked, modelling it for me outside the ladies' dressing room.

it was a dress that she wasn't quite ready to wear, anywhere, any time. and yet, i could see as she strutted unevenly before me, that some day, she not only would be ready to wear it places, she would wear it well.

"you can have it," i said, "on one condition."

"what's that," she asked.

"this isn't a dress-up dress,"" i answered. "you're only to wear this when you have a real place to wear it to. and if you're not sure, you ask me. okay?"

"okay," said meg, who's always had an eye for a bargain and a keen sense of style.

and so we bought the dress.

last night, she hauled it out from the back of her closet and sashayed up to show me. "what'd you think, mom?," she said, turning this way and that. "can you believe it finally fits me? i was never able to wear it before, because it just didn't fit. it was always too big for me. but it's not bad for $20 bucks, 9 years ago."

"honey," i said, "i think that's what you call investment dressing." my little girl is sure growing up.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Carol J. said...

They say every woman should have a black dress in her wardrobe which can be dressed up, or down. Your daughter looks quite stunning in hers. :)

Lynette said...

it fits! in all the right places! great deal & memory maker

Juls said...

She's so beautiful! :)

Martha said...

What a knockout!! (Just like her Mom!!) Great story.
Thinking of Beloved's friend and your Grandmother...<3

Queenie Jeannie said...

She's so beautiful!!! Great job Mom!!

Kim said...

It looks fantastic on Meg. What a wonderful indulgence and worth the wait.

Bonnie said...

What a great bargain...and it's such a timeless classic. You were right to let her buy this back in the day.