Wednesday, August 12, 2009

red sky at morning

the eastern sky had a rosy pink flush this morning that reminded me of the old weather predictor - red sky at night - sailor's delight... red sky at morning - sailors, take warning.

today i stay home and catch up... the delivery of the refrigerator disrupted my flow. today i clean meg's bedroom because that's where Mother Superior will be staying. i don't mind doing it, because meg's room is on my list to spruce up while she's away in ireland. but meg, goddess bless her, despite an inborn fastidiousness of person which led her to use a fork at nine months because she hated getting her fingers dirty, is oblivious to things like dust.

so this morning its batten down the hatches and full speed ahead.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

I didn't notice the red sky ... but I sat and made a fresh master lists and then prioritized my day. Delight or warning, I'm with ya ... full speed ahead!

Stacie said...

I was thinking about you and all your fridge contents hanging around waiting for the delivery. I was sending speedy delivery thoughts your way.

Oh, and I loved the 222 reference. Levi always seems to look at the clock and tells me when it's all the same numbers. I'm going to have to look up the meanings to them so I can teach him.

I hope you have a productive day!

Much love being sent your way. :-)

Divaeva said...

I missed the red sky - so busy I never looked up while running around this morning - but I heard we are supposed to get some kicking storms this evening :) I am taking warning!

Lynette said...

dust if you must
but be there when she returns
to celebrate as women who are one heart

Bonnie said...

I didn't notice red sky. Our sunrises here have been beautiful pinks and oranges and it's been cloudy an dyucky at sunset so can't even see the sky.