Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tuesday tootsie-day

one consequence of my morton's neuroma diagnosis is that i've been spending a lot of time with my feet. a few weeks ago, i ran across an article online that suggested for a culture that thinks nothing of spending fifty dollars on face cream, we woefully neglect our feet.

thursday, i go for another acupuncture appointment, and it occured to me that it's time to pay some attention to not just how my feet feel, but how they look too.

i gathered my equipment - always important - and began with a quick buff of the ped-egg. i removed the remnants of old polish, then soaked both feet in a warm bath while i made up a scrub of epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide to remove the stubborn spots a summer spent in sandals, flipflops and barefeet has conjured. i rubbed this on with half a lemon and let the mixture soak in a for a few minutes, before scrubbing it off with my trusty nail brush. by that time my feet were as pink as the day i was born (well, maybe not quite that pink, but nearly) but i decided to treat them to some of rose's face wash - it can also double as a mask. after the clay worked its wonders, i clipped and filed and slathered on a coating of nivea so thick it took an hour to soak in. right now im still deciding if i want to polish my toes.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


April said...

Sounds like your tootsies received a fabulous makeover! Nothing better in my book...except when someone else does it for me!

Walk in the Woods said...

Have you ever put a small spoon of borax in your soaking water? It's amazzzzing! I LOVE a good foot soak BTW!

Allison said...

Polish is like the icing on the cake, plus on toe nails it lasts a long time, unlike finger nails.Go for it! They're worth it.

Kim said...

I love pampering my feet - it makes my whole body feel good. I'm due for a good foot soak this week end. I'm glad you're taking the time to nurture yours.