Tuesday, August 4, 2009

morton's neuroma

according to the foot doctor i went to see today, that's what's causing the pain in the balls of both of my feet. he offered to inject cortisone... i said... um, thanks but no thanks, and went off with a pair of gel pads and the admonition... i never heard of treating morton's neuroma with gel pads.

of course not, i thought, as i bid the nice doctor goodbye. you've never met me.

of course i have no intention of treating the problem with just gel pads. however, now that i know i don't have arthritis, i don't have a piece of glass embedded in my foot and i know what it IS... i can begin to treat it myself.

morton's neuroma involves the main nerves in the ball of the foot. nerves respond well to all manner of alternative treatments, including accupuncture, accupressure and reiki. it also feels a lot better after a couple of aspirin and an ice pack. additionally, i will become a lot more serious about dropping a few pounds than i was before... i can say no a lot better for the sake of my aching feet than i can for the sake of a smaller pair of jeans. and now that i know what the problem is, i can tailor my activities around it.

so stay tuned... according to some sources i read on the internet, morton's neuroma is one of those things that "won't respond to conservative treatments."

we'll just see about that.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Kim said...

I have no doubt that you will heal yourself.

Stacie said...

good attitude annie! :-) you show 'em!