Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the best laid plans

my mother left me a message last night. she wanted to know two things. one, was the house still clean, and two, had i returned the fifty-dollar outfit for baby jake that turned out to be too small?

the answer to both questions, alas, is no.

but today i've designated as a Day to Get Things Done. i have laundry and vacuuming to attend to, costumes i promised to buy, the item to return. i had wanted to treat myself to a trip to tar-zhay to check out slipcovers, but i dont think that's going to happen unless the Housekeeping Fairy decides to wave her magic wand. my sense is that she's sleeping in. (not that i blame her. the rain on the skylights is whispering a most seductive why not go back to bed? as it sluices off the glass.)

but i am determined to Get Things Done.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Dina said...

can you send that housekeeping fairy over here? My mom is coming next week, I am having the carpet cleaners come on tuesday which means I really have to clean and get things picked up. I am think of calling merry maids while my husband is out of town and passing it off as my own work! Are you doing anything special for Samhain? I really don't have much time for ritual planning this year.

Shades of Scorpio said...

Oh dear.....your mom would not be happy with me. I can't bring myself to return things....it feels psychically like such a Process.....

annie kelleher said...

i hate returning things too. i may not actually return it. ssshh!! dont tell my mother!!!i may keep it and give it to someone else as a gift ;).

and as for the housekeeping fairy, dina... she's been on strike!!!! :))