Monday, October 6, 2008

what i did for me today

the short answer to the question posed today by another blogger is... not much, or so at first it might seem.

today was one of my day's to take care of baby jake. the chaos of the house adds to the challenge of managing a determined cruiser and so every moment he is up must be spent actively engaged in watching him - unless i park him in the playpen. he's an agreeable baby, for the most part, and so there's actually ten or fifteen minutes scattered here and there throughout the day, where i can do things like walk the dogs, prepare lunch, or potty myself. but the only reason he's content in the playpen is the novelty of the toys within, and so i can't leave him there past the point he becomes bored.

so when i first read dina's blog, and considered her question, what did i do for my body, mind and spirit today? - i immediately thought of all the things i did for other people, besides baby jake, and by the time i got to the bottom of that list, it seemed like there was precious little left for me.

or was there, i thought. i started off the day with some reasonable attention - i had made time for my yin yoga stretches, a drops of oak* bach flower remedy, and the first part of a novena. (my italian relatives want a novena to sell the house - they get a novena.)

so this evening, at supper, under the heading of doing something for my body, i deliberately choose to make a pot of red lavendar tea over my daily dose of caffienated corn syrup, and then another of ginger peach. i missed yellow in my daily rainbow today, but at least one of the bananas i bought at the market will be perfect to eat tomorrow.

i exercised my mind by playing jeopardy - Beloved didn't even try. i nourished my soul by buying flowers for my beleaguered Beloved who has been much buffeted by the winds of the world lately and by making a remarkably simple dinner that everyone enjoyed without complaint.

now that my peach tea is finished, i think i'll run a warm salt bath and soak for a few minutes with the last of the clay mud stuff my dear friend rose makes.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

*the property of the oak flower remedy in the bach flower remedy system is to allow the naturally strong to take a break rather than struggle on without rest. it interested me that i was drawn to it this morning and then to see the topic of dina's blog.


Walk in the Woods said...

You did ... good! And you deserve it!

Walk in the Woods said...

You did ... good! And you deserve it!

Dina said...

lovely, i am glad I spurned you to find even a few moments of time....hmm maybe I should try the oak...I do a blend of passionflower, oats, and olive right now.

john e white said...

Glad you found solice in the day. We all need time to ourselves now and then. I am doing the morning and afternoon school run for eldest daughter Sarah while she and hubby are enjoying a short stay in the far east. I'd forgotten how it breaks up the day and halts the flow of the writing process. Maybe another cup of coffee will spark me into action.

Darling And So Charming said...

I'm a coffee fanatic but once in a while I like to try tea. I have a loose tea strainer, special kettle and cups. It slows me down even more and has more of a sense of ceremony.

I love salt baths. Lavender salt at walgreens of all places- cheaps. And a plus of the salt? It cleanses the aura :)

Spirit said...

I am glad you found time for tea and a bath. The little things are the best. Today I head to the woods to center and ground with nature. Blessings. B