Friday, October 31, 2008

happy birthday, rose-y rose

today is not only the most sacred day in the celtic calendar, but also the birth day of my friend rose - hardass sagewise goddess-sister, whose copious knowledge of the Green World has given me - among so many other things - the idea for may-apple wine.

may-apple wine, as distilled by the sidhe, came to play an enormous and critical part in the first two books of my silver trilogy. to rose goes an everlasting debt of endless gratitude, because she is the one who suggested the plant in the first place, and any liberties taken with the plant and its derivatives are mine. i am quite sure rose would never conceive of using a plant for such nefarious purposes :)(if you, gentle reader, wish to know more about may-apple wine and its effects upon both humans and sidhe, please see Silver's Edge (harlequin, 2004) and Silver's Bane (harlequin, 2005).)

so happiest of happy birthdays, rose-y rose*. i wish you health and joy and happiness on this most auspicious of birth-days...thank you for sharing all that you do.

* i doubt that rose knows that i think of her as rose-y rose, as opposed to my grandmother rose, who i always thought of as thorn-y rose. it's nice to have a balance. ;)

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That's all I got. And it's sweet. Thank you. ((hugs))