Friday, October 24, 2008

stuff im giving away

here's a list of some of the books i'm giving away. most are writing books, but there's a few others sprinkled in. if anyone would like one - or two or six - drop me an email - at - for the cost of the media mail, they're yours!

the writers' desk... jill krementz
gifts with heart..mary beth sammons
the complete guide to writing fiction...barnaby conrad et al
a short guide to writing about art.... sylvan barnet
how to write sf and fantasy... orson scott card
how to write tales of horror, fantasy and sf ... ed j.n. williamson
the fiction writer's silent partner... martin roth
seductresses: women who ravished the world... betsey prioleau
lamp of the goddess: lives and teachings of a priestess... rae beth
the thinker's way: 8 steps to a richer life... john chaffee
piercing the darkness: undercover with vampires in america....katherine ramsland
on writing... stephen king

i'll post more stuff later.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Dina said...

I am not sure why but when I click on the contact you button it does not work. But I would love Seductress, Lamp of Goddess and whichever fiction writing book you thought was the most helpful. Let me know what I owe you and how you want to be paid.
Love and Light,

Walk in the Woods said...

Yes ... lunch ... we will get to that. I have your herbs ready for you too (and the cream is still on my list!).

Annnnd I'd love King's book. I've heard good things about his "technical" books and have never read them. I've never had a need to, not being a writer and all. Butchaneverknow!