Tuesday, October 28, 2008

...of mice and men gang aft awry

i thought about that phrase of robert burns' all morning, as a migraine plowed its way through my head. by 11 AM i realized that the dizziness i'd be feeling on and off was increasing to the point where i had to sit down and was probably the harbinger of a doozy of a headache. so i downed an imetrex, ate a banana, and headed for the couch.

fortunately, by one thirty i had recovered enough to get to my physical therapy appointment, and to take libby to get the halloween costume she'd been promised. my head is mostly better now, and i hope i feel well enough to get to the psychic circle meeting tonight - laura and the ladies are discussing mediumship.

the celtic spirituality workshop seems to be dancing on the little balls of light sparking through my head, planned out but for the handouts. meg's picking baby jake up early - that will give me time to put those together tomorrow afternoon.

why all the headaches, you may wonder, gentle reader? migraines are often the curse of the psychically sensitive. the sensitivity to vibrations of higher frequencies makes me equally sensitive to changes not only in my own internal chemistry, but in the greater atmosphere as well. my migraines began, coincidentally, just as i began to open to my intuitive abilities.

talking to dead people has its downside, too.

and furthermore, the war really has to end. blessed be.


Allison Jacobs said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Iva said...

that was some wonderfuol insight on headaches, i sent it to my mom, who had suffered for as long as i can recall from them, and i do as well but not as severely.

Shades of Scorpio said...

It seems a shame that you have to host a migraine in order to stick your feelers through the veil more.

Unrelated to this post, on one of my posts, you mentioned your Angel Way of eating....of course I'd be interested to hear more about it! I will say upfront though, the HL and I are mostly vegan (veg by choice, dairy by sensitivity, but we do eat eggs so really not vegan). Hope your head is feeling much better as we draw near this exciting Samhain season!