Thursday, October 16, 2008

mama said there'd be days like this...

.... there'd be days like this... my mama said.

was she right.

it began ordinarily enough - puppy walks, coffee, debate reviews - when a Little Voice told me that i'd be better off doing my daily chores FIRST, rather than waiting til after four when libby would be home to pitch in.

i didn't understand it, but i've learned enough to go along with the Voices, especially when They offer helpful housekeeping advice, and so i was just finishing up the dishes when the phone rang.

it was meg, with a migraine. you have to help me with jake, mommy. my head hurts too much.

to make a long story short, by one-thirty this afternoon meg and i were on our way to the hospital. she's better now - sound asleep in her own bed while a cold front roars in, bringing with it the high winds and rising pressure that trigger my own bad headaches.

i am so glad i listened to the Voices.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


livewater said...

I hope the headache skipped you. Glad to hear you listen to the voices. Missed you all week.

Dina said...

Missed you too!! Those headaches can be nasty. Have you tried some feverfew tincture or tea? I highly recommend it, especially if brewed by hand with your special intentions and love. I can't say it will taste very good but add a little honey.

Spirit said...

I missed you to! Strange how I have come to rely on my daily check in on your blog. Hope you avoid the migraine. Take care. Blessings. B