Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a plea to parents everywhere

this probably belongs on the Cranky Crone blog. it's a thought precipitated by Another Blogger's observations on her maternal parent, and the four days i just spent in the company of mine. her parent isn't voting. mine is voting for (shudder) elmer fudd and caribou barbie.

as my mother was fiercely proclaiming that "sarah palin is everything a feminist could hope for," i looked at her and tried to control my deep feelings of nausea. (maybe i AM an Alien Child.)

mother, i said, as gently as i could under the circumstances, do you deny you have three genius children?

she stopped short and snorted. and what does THAT have to do with anything? she demanded.

all three of us are voting for obama, i replied. now if, by your own admission, the three of us are geniuses and smarter than you will ever be - i've heard you say that - and we are ALL voting with one mind, wouldn't it behoove you to bow to OUR greater insight and vote the way we would want you to? after all, you're retired. WE have the greater stake in the world now, and it is for OUR children that we must shape the course of things. your insistence on clinging to an ideology that celebrates a world that never really was is screwing things up for YOUR grandchildren. it's like the music - you don't have to like it or even listen to it, but you can't deny the world is dancing to a new beat.

my mother's response was mostly unprintable and largely incomprehensible, but at least she didn't foam at the mouth.

i, however, think that i was on to something.

and furthermore, aren't the rest of you getting sick and tired of paying for this freaking war? it really has to end. blessed be.


Dina said...

oh man...luckily for me my mom is a screaming liberal hippie who still goes out and protests with move on. Where do you think I get it? She will be flying in on the 5th..I know we will be celebrating! Now my in laws on the other hand that is a whole different story.

Iva said...

you made so excellent points, my mother is as well voting for fudd and barbie, but Since she is not retired most of her points werent ones i could argue i let it be. and then there is my whole dads side of the family who sometimes i wonder where he and I came from. I don't even have the energy to go there with them. One ay maybe I will, i hope. BTW my hubby loved what you had to say as well :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Goddess, I love you!


livewater said...

My mom, hell most of my family, my husband and his family are voting for fudd and barbie. My sisters-in-law are all voting for Obama at least we can cancel out our husbands. Needless to say we don't discuss politics much at family gatherings or I foam at the mouth. My mom's excuse for not voting for Obama is that taxes will go up. Apparently they won't if fudd takes over. I like your arguement though - my dad has always said I'm the smart one.

annie kelleher said...

iva - maybe you could still use the im smarter than you are argument. and if you have kids... your mother IS making decisions that affect them. :) try taking the one sentence out about my mother being retired and see if the rest works. feel free to forward if it does!!!!! (this is why my mother says im a troublemaker. :))))))

annie kelleher said...

kim... i feel your pain. dina... you are in the fortunate position my kids are in!! rose, i love you too :) xoxoxo