Wednesday, May 20, 2009

chick chat - confessions of a write-brained mommy

1. when im writing, i tell my children not to bother me unless there's blood involved.

2. even when there's blood involved, i have been known to make a child walk around the house to come in the front door because i didn't want him dripping blood on my freshly scrubbed kitchen floor.

3. i'm a sucker for buying books so my kids learned early that while i more often than not said no to candy or toys, if they asked for some sort of reading material, i always said yes.

4. i don't believe in censorship, and i think violence is far worse an influence on anyone than sex, so i've always let my kids watch any movie or read any book they wanted. this has led to some interesting situations with other parents. for example, when my middle daughter was four, her favorite movie was pretty woman. "annie," said a concerned friend of mine at the time, "aren't you a little worried about your four year old daughter prancing aorund in your black boots pretending to be a prostitute?" i remember i blinked and said, "but isn't everyone, to some extent?" and on a side note, if my parents are quietly embarrassed, my children find it appalling i write sex scenes.

5. when i find pictures of my children in comprising positions i laugh and put them back.

6. when i was a single mother, at the end of particularly long and grueling days, i'd take them out for ice cream sundaes for dinner. :)

and that's probably enough for most of you to know.


Dina said...

this all makes you a great mommy, my dad took me and my friends to a cheech and chong movie when we were imagine how appalled my friends parents were

April said...

I must be a stick in the mud, because I still monitor the kinds of movies my girls watch. They can watch PG-13 movies and Brittany is just now able to see SOME R-rated movies...depends. Your kids must love you to death!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love it, Annie! You are a woman after my own heart! I can relate to each and every one of those things... ;)

Martha said...

I tell my children the same thing, please let me know if you break a bone or something, otherwise Figure It Out Yourselves!

I do monitor what the boys watch cause I don't want to be woken up by their nightmares!!

Amy said...

That is so nice to go out for a special treat. I did that last night.

Carol J. said...

Hi Annie. When I was a single mother, every once in awhile, I'd bake shortcake from scratch, and my son and I would have fresh, homemade strawberry shortcake for supper...cuz we could!

And books, glorious books! When I walk into Barnes & Noble, I stop, inhale deeply, and smile. Aaaahhhh, heaven.

Kathy said...

My kids know they can always ask for a book. I agree about sex and violence. I talked to them about what they are seeing, hearing, playing. When Mark was about 8 came to me and told me that his much older brothers were playing a game that was inappropriate for him to watch.