Wednesday, May 27, 2009

debts and other perceptions

my dear sister-in-spirit, laura rose posted an interesting message from Spirit yesterday on her blog, suggesting an upside-down look at whatever you might be presently perceiving as a negative. instead of being upset over the amount of debt you have, for example, you might try being happy about it.

hm, i thought to myself. Angels, i'm not sure i understand this. isn't this just calling a sow's ear a silk purse?

i happened to be weeding at the time.

Annie, i heard Them say, how do you feel about the weeds?

well, i replied, not so great. i've been out here almost a whole hour and i've managed to clear a plot the size of the kitchen table. at the rate im weeding and the weeds are growing, i'll be weeding from now til doomsday and i'll never be done.

you could try, They gently pointed out, being grateful for the weeds.

grateful for the weeds, i wondered. how do i do that?

in that instant, i understood exactly how. i could try being grateful i had land to pull weeds out of. i could try being grateful for the lush fertility of that land, of the bounty She so generously spills forth. i could try being grateful that i have so much time available to me that i can revel in being out of doors on one of the most gorgeous days ever created for as long as i please, and to the weeds for providing the purpose to keep me out. the longer i looked around, the more i saw to be grateful for.

i went inside feeling considerably humble and grateful for the weeds.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Laura Rose said...

Weeds are medicine you know!! I don't understand the spirit rover connection?

BDayphotogirlRN said...

Hi. How are you? It is amazing how a change of thought can lead you down an entirely different road.

Kathy said...

This is similar to the message at my son's fifth grade "graduation." My friend Morgan said in his talk to the 5th graders that when people tell them things are going to be harder in 6th grade to say "Thank you." When teachers or other kids give them a hard time, say "thank you" because they are making them better people. He had us all saying "thank you."