Sunday, May 31, 2009

thinking it through, with a nod to rose

liberally-minded people and conservatively-minded people don't just think differently about things, they FEEL differently too. according to a column i found this morning by nicholas krstof in the new york times, there's increasing evidence that the hardwiring of the brains is different.

this explains all sorts of behavior and beliefs, apparently, but in the political arena, its used to explain why it's so damn hard to make the opposing side see Reason - which is whatever your particularly-minded brain has decided is Reasonable, which partially depends on which way its wired.

according to the professor who did some of this research: "...the best way to open the mind is through the heart.”

he points to advances our gay brothers and sisters have made in terms of equal rights and explains that what's caused the shift is that increasing numbers of heterosexuals are recognizing the struggles of family members and friends.

thus, it's not reason that ultimately broadens our understanding, or enlarges our political landscape - it's love - just like rose said in her comment on my last post!! great minds (and hearts) truly do think alike! :)

and this is why i know the war WILL end. blessed be.


Lynette said...

yes when we lead with our hearts and not our head more good comes to the world. I is here that we know that we should be loving to all around us in order to survive.

Martha said...

The heart is a true compass. Thanks, GA.

Femin Susan said...

we must make our mind peaceful ..then you could do anything which is difficult.....and for making your mind peaceful you must do the deeds that helps others....