Wednesday, May 13, 2009

team mommy to the rescue

i got a call last night from my oldest daughter while i was lying on the couch in the most agonizing pain ive felt since i gave birth to libby.

"i think jamie needs help, mom," she said without much preamble. "he was talking just now about food stamps - he and cj are having celery and peanut butter for dinner."

i believe in raising children to be independent. i believe in raising children to make their own way in life, and to pay their own bills. but sometimes, when making one's own way and paying one's own bills is new, a child is still a child, no matter how old he is. i also don't believe in letting children starve if there's any other alternative.

and so, at 715, libby and i threw on some more or less presentable clothes (hers more, mine less), flew to the grocery store and then to my son's - about a forty-five minute drive to the other side of hartford. jamie took the stuff with tears in his eyes.

"i feel a lot better," said libby, on the way home.

"that jamie won't starve?" i asked, between clenched jaw and gritted teeth.

"no," she replied. "that now i know you'll never let me."

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


April said...

Oh,'ve just earned the Mom Badge of Honor in my book! You're a keeper!

Dina said...

wow, we are always moms aren't we? its good that you can help him, my parents were not always in a position to help me during those times

Stacie said...

that brings tears to my eyes. you're a good mom. i'm glad jamie appreciated it.

and libby is too funny!

i hope your neck is feels better very soon!

Martha said...

You're a Mensch, Annie. I send my best for better days ahead for Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the mom mamba! How much is too much help, and how little is too little?

You're a good mom, annie.

That's my bottom line with Kathleen, too. She should be self-supporting, certainly. But if she doesn't have food, I step in.

Lynette said...

Annie, I have something for you over at:

Bee and Rose said...

You are one terrific Mama! I've done this with my stepdaughter too...I just can't let them go without food:)

Hope you're feeling on the mend:)

Kim said...

What a great lesson for Libby. And what a great mom to care for Jamie when you are in so much pain. I hope that is all gone now.

Allison said...

What a good Mommy....especially when you were in such pain. Great example for Libby. Feel better soon. The bed will still be available next week.

Laura Rose said...

wow, what a gift.