Thursday, May 28, 2009

merry may

i guess if i had to pick one, may is my favorite month. i'm not quite sure why i feel this way about may - my birthday's in march. i didn't know ethan until i was 36 - long after i'd formed an attachment to may.

when i was little, may was the month associated with the Blessed Mother. i used to play may-day processions and crown my statue with may flowers while singing "immaculate mary." (yeah, i was a weird little kid.) i loved the Blessed Mother and may was the month it was okay to talk about it.

may's also the month that school starts to wrap up... i used to like that about may too, when i was little. it was the month i started to see the light at the end of the long dark tunnel that was school.

it's the month of lilacs and phlox, of columbines and sweet william. around here, its the month the bad manure smell fades away like winter's ice. but it's not just the greening and the scents, the bird calling and the bear-sightings.

now that i am older, i think it's that may feels like the month most ripe with summer's promise. the next three months sprawl in empty blocks across the pages of my calendar, as grand as the view of the atlantic ocean off the boardwalk in ocean city. what the horizon offers in terms of space, may - at least in the beginning of the month - offers me in terms of time.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

yeah, you were a weird little kid! LOL not weird, just unique. :-)

may is one of my faves too, especially late may. when you can just feel summer coming.

yes, you're right. it is because it's filled with summer's promise. i've thought that before. a time of hope, of warm days and good times to come.

june is great too. and july - in the thick of summer - always does something to me. i've done many crazy things in july. ;-)

Laura Rose said...

Well of course it's b/c it's my birthday month!!! :) LOL--you just hadn't met me yet!!

April said...

I love May, too...I think it's because it's a time of rejuvenation with summer right around the bend.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love it - May does feel like 'summer's promise', doesn't it? We get warm sunny days, but not hot and humid (well, mostly...Mother Nature still hasn't gotten her act together yet) and all the trees and flowers are waking up from their winter's nap. Loved this post! :)

Juls said..., I got a great mental image of a little Annie "being a weird kid.."

Your writing helps me to put new perspective...on every day happenings. :)

Martha said...

I like May! The Merry Ol'Month of May!

Divaeva said...

hmmm - May... not my most favorite, but definitely in the top 3! I love October most for all the wonderful colors, fabulous smells and it's simply a rocking month. I love August because I was born in August and it's a month for beachy goodness and pleasures! ...and then perhaps May - when it is still cool enough to sleep soundly at night and yet wonderful enough to spend the day in the warm sunshine and not melt!

Walk in the Woods said...

Just for the record, you're *still* a weird little kid! it's one of the many things I love about you!

For me, May marks the mid-year ... a time for glancing back and looking ahead ... a time ripe with promise, indeed ... and the month to sing a favored song from "Camelot!" :D