Thursday, July 2, 2009

driving miss meggie

when meg said she was going to need someone to drive her around while she was recuperating from her surgery, i suspected it was going to have a major affect on life as i lead it. what i did NOT know was that driving miss meg wasn't going to simply AFFECT my life - it was going to take over.

between rearranging my writing room... finishing up the odds and ends of projects that i've started, and keeping up with the rest of the housework, i've been doing not much besides driving meg from physical therapy to baby jake's house to home on a basis that im fairly sure only FEELS like it happens three times a day.

WHERE have you been, my mother wanted to know, when i was finally home yesterday afternoon to pick up the phone.

"out," i said. "im running granny annie's cab and livery service. between meg's appointments, libby's activities and baby jake's needs, i've spent most of every day in the car. you know," i continued, "it's been years since i had to do this much driving. ever since katie got her license lo these many years ago, i've always had a second driver around to do my bidding."

"poor baby," my mother purred.

i guess i hadn't realized how spoiled i am.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Bonnie said...

The day will come when they'll have to drive you around. Hopefully not soon. It's nice for them to have someone like you to play "cabbie". And it really gives you some one on one with Meg.

blueviolet said...

You're so kind to be a taxi service!

April said...

That's one thing that's helped me so much is having Brittany being able to drive herself OR her sister wherever they need or want to go. Of course, I, too, have been the taxi driver in our family for many years!

mrsb said...

You are a true friend to act as cabbie. My mom-in-law does this on a regular basis for her aunt. It can be a part time job!

She's lucky to have you :O)

Walk in the Woods said...

LOL ... Funny how our less appreciated blessings will get In Our Face when want a little recognition!

Funny too, isn't it, that so many miss such In-Your-Face moments?

Have a less-traveled day!

Martha said...

I can so relate, Mom's taxi service running all day long and then I think what have I done today besides burn gas? I hope Meg recovers soon.