Friday, July 17, 2009

feeling very friday

what a week. here are some of the highlights:

on monday, i went to take a second look at what will be my new healing space in avon. it has a nice feeling to it. i like the two-toned blue walls - i already see them sponged and glazed. the owner is not only welcoming, and affirming, and not only is the space itself at the nexus of a major intersection, and thus easy to find, and easy to access - even for people with gimpy knees - the word avon itself has a most auspicious association for anyone who seeks a deeper connection to Flow. "avon" is one of the few old british words that survived the saxon onslaught on the english tongue, and it means "river."

on tuesday, katie was sick, and so not only did meg need ferrying from place to place, so did katie - who lives two towns over. on wednesday, my brakes gave up the ghost, but fortunately my son was here to ferry me to the garage, and to give my little yellow bug a jump, so i haven't even had being carless as an excuse. on thursday, my mother and stepfather dropped off my niece for a few days' visit. not only did i manage lunch two towns over, but i also got libby to tutoring, volunteering and movies with a friend (and my niece) and got meg back and forth to physical therapy.

today i took libby, allie and baby jake to brunch, picked up bagels for meg, jamie and cj, then headed off to passiflora to lunch and read cards. then it was off to the grocery store, with libby, allie and baby jake, while poor meggie nursed her miserable migraine. thank heaven for the presence of yolanda in our lives - an angel of a neurologist, who now treats all of my girls.

tomorrow its meg to the chiropractor, harry potter and the mall. sunday it's my sister's for lunch in massachusetts. monday its my SoulCollage respite. and oh, do i need a respite.


Walk in the Woods said...

See ... you *are* busy! But ooooh - soul collage!!!!!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Bonnie said...

What a busy busy girl. I got tired just reading everything you accomplished.

Kim said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading. Enjoy the soul collage.