Thursday, September 20, 2007

candles on the mantel

i burned a candle yesterday, a blue one for aunt babe, and a pink one today... for my friend lorraine.

today would've been her 60th birthday. she died last year at christmas-time, on the morning of december 26th, shortly before dawn. to say i feel her absence is an understatement. to say i feel her presence makes me crazy.

and so i won't... not to most people anyway, though there are a few who i expect might. she's a very clear presence -- all garnet and rosy-red, with a flush of forest green at her center and shot through with golden thread. she's laughing.

so i'm going to go fill my coffee cup... i'm going to go stand on the deck. i'm going to watch the light shift on the water, watch the mist rise in long columns and drift. i'm going to listen to the birds call, and the squirrels and the chipmunks hunt. i'm going to breathe in sweet annie, the herb that summons friendly spirits. and i am going to remember my dear friend.

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