Sunday, September 2, 2007

forging forward

i have part two revised... now to input the changes. i'm happy with the way the story is reading. i'm also amazed once more by how much easier it is to make revisions once the manuscript is complete. it makes me want to reiterate for any writer who's struggling with their first novel ... finish it!! even if it's bad... get to the end.

on other fronts... i have a baby shower to plan and two pieces of furniture to refinish. because i have a rocking horse up in the attic, i think i'm going to use that as the theme for the shower. i've got some paperwork-type chores to do for my grandmother (ugh ugh ugh... the worst kind of chore for me and the one i tend to procrastinate about the worse. if anyone can offer guidance in how to cope with the Paper Demon who infests my house, please feel free to share.) AND we're into a definitely fall feeling... there was mist on the ponds and a V of geese shrieking overhead this morning when i walked the puppies. i had to check them carefully for ticks... this is just the kind of weather the little monsters start looking for nice warm mammalian blood to feast on. so it's time to pack away the summer roses and pink candles and haul out the pumpkins, the acorns and the gourds. the season of the Harvest and the Crone approach... time to prepare to offer Them their Due!

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