Monday, September 10, 2007

down to business

the realization that i'm hosting fifty people at my house in less than a week is sinking in.

tonight im facilitating a workshop in "Sacred Signs" - how to ask for, recognize and trust in guidance from Spirit.

i have a sneaking suspicion that all this is a sign of is that im crazy.

i was at staples this morning, however, on this gray and lethargic monday... buying, among other things, planning sheets, paper suitable for signs (i mean... fifty people means twenty plus cars. WHERE WILL WE PUT THEM??) and an adorable blue binder that will serve not only as my brain, but will also make a charming scrapbook-record type thing for katie. today will be primarily devoted to logistics and planning. i have a pretty good handle on most things... i'm feeling revved up, but not stressed.


have i mentioned anywhere that friday night, don and i - along with many others - are being honored at an awards dinner sponsored by the non-profit of which don's now president of the board. this means i have to make sure i have a suitable dress and heels, etc, for the evening.

and on saturday evening, we're hosting a birthday party for my little brother, David, the one with Down's... so my mother and stepdad and sister and her husband and two kids and all my kids are showign up for THAT.

and then sunday is the shower.

all i can think is thank goddess i believe in angels - i'm going to need all the help i can get!!


Kathy Duffy Thomas said...

Don't forget to breath. Breath, plan and keep you eyes on the balls.

annie kelleher said...

thank you, kathy, for that very wise and much needed reminder!!!!!!

rose said...

Angels indeed!
Still - forget not the faeries, for (in my experience) they are generous masters of leading us into *and* out of their realm: The blessed realm of darkness!

Candles will burn for you this week - AND weekend.


annie kelleher said...

thank you, dear rose!!!

ravensedge said...

Everything will be beautiful if not perfect. I will keep you and yours in my prayers and rattle up some energy for you.

annie kelleher said...

thank you so much, dear kim... send sunshine my way, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!