Friday, September 21, 2007

uh oh

i think i've gone and done it.

started a new book that is. or maybe its not a book... maybe it's just a short story. all i know is that the character was itching around under my skin.... throwing me line after line that really sounded great. (of course they never sound quite as great after you write them down the first time, usually, but that's what editing is for... to get the stuff on the page to sound and feel like the stuff in my head. words are awkward translators, really.)

i kept telling myself i wasn't ready, i don't know if the book will go anywhere. but i have this sense it's there... waiting to be discovered, that the first five hundred words that've rolled so smoothly off my keys are but the tip of a very large iceberg... waiting to be mined.

the character is cranky, unhappy, certain her husband is cheating on her. i'm not sure he is cheating on her - at least not THIS time. she's a writer (of course) who hasn't been able to write for quite a while -because her marriage is making her too unhappy to create. the reason she's stuck in the middle of the amazon jungle is because she insisted on accompanying Peter (that's his name) so that he wouldn't take his really cute blonde graduate assistant. i'm pretty sure the character's name is Faith. The graduate assistant's name is Ilsa. Peter is a botanist who specializes in rain forest trees. it's funny how the more i type, the more i know. there seems to be a drug subplot too... i think Faith might have to fall in love with a columbian druglord. or at least get kidnapped by him. tee hee.

this is one reason why i write. it's good to be goddess. ;)

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