Sunday, September 9, 2007

sunday morning

the world is wet today, and misty... drops fell in fat splats off the branches of the pines this morning when i walked the puppies. the mockingbirds are the only ones calling... ("jeter jeter jeter" - goddess IS a yankee fan).

yesterday i did six tarot readings. i always thank the people i read for, but i don't think they always realize what a Gift they bring to me. because, for me, at least, when I participate with another person in the creation of the sacred space for a reading, with the intention of accessing the Divine, Spirit becomes palpable, tangible and Real. it is what i imagine the experience of "going into the Light" after physical death feels like... contact with a Radiance that infuses every cell with what I can only describe as the most overwheliming feeling of purest Love i could ever imagine. it's like bathing in the richest, sweetest, clearest, purest, broth you could ever desire. it is that feeling that i Know on some level i am meant to bring forth for the person sitting opposite me, and it comes as messages from departed friends or relatives, from spirit guides or messages, from images in the cards.

that's why no matter how many readings i do, i never feel tired afterwards.

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