Friday, September 14, 2007

the ways of men...

....are mysterious, strange and incomprehensible. not to mention rude and thoughtless.

can you tell i Lost It last night? :)

after a full day of cleaning, cooking, organizing, shopping, supervising, sanding, painting, sorting, decorating ET AL... we - me, Beloved and Beloved's Client - were sitting around the blue tile table when Beloved's Client casually announced he'd like to move his stuff in.

what stuff, said i, innocently, thinking surely no one would want to Move Stuff anywhere into this house when i am planning a birthday party for 15 and then a shower for FIFTY THREE. apparently Beloved had assured Client that Client was more than welcome to store stuff. we had a nastier version of the fight the other day. i am proud to say i neither swore, called names nor raised my voice. i used the opposite tactic... i went lower and deeper. i simply stated unequivocally i did not appreciate being blindsided in this way and that it was an imposition. simply having Client to dinner, let alone overnight, was an imposition.

to Beloved and Client's credit, we parted amicably this morning the best of friends. Beloved acknowledged he could see my point, and apologized for becoming defensive when a simple im-sorry-i-forgot-to-tell-you-i-won't-let-anything-get-messed-up would've amelioriated the situation immediately. Client was gracious and apologetic and understanding. you see, in addition to birthday and shower and client, Beloved and i have to go to the formal dinner tonight, along with Client and Beloved's former secretary. i say former because by the time anyone reads this, Beloved will have resigned from his old firm and taken up with his new one. there's been a job change going on too, see... but it's so hush-hush Beloved asked me not to write about it until it was a Done Deal.

i said to Beloved this morning, in the early morning hour in which we negotiated our peace, didn't it occur to you that adding Client to the mix of stresses was just adding one more stress, and that when stress reaches a critical mass, something has to blow? (like me, last night.)

and he looked at me, this brilliant, interesting, energetic, charming and intense man whom i adore from the bottom of my soul, and said...


is there really any other example required for why men should be encouraged to go off somewhere relatively safe to let off all the steam they need to while we women fix things?

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