Wednesday, September 19, 2007

silly cable...

... the gremlins who live in the modem aren't happy, apparently. i'm not sure why... all i know is once again, we got up this am, sat down to happily check email and the state of the world, and to our dismay, neither of our computers worked. to Beloved's credit he did exactly as i asked and called Comcast. they're supposed to come between eleven and two, but as you can see, the gremlins have resolved whatever issue was interfering. so... here i am, stuck at home all morning when i wanted to get over to see my grandmother.

or, maybe, i DONT really want to go see gramma, and so my own little gremlins manufacture reasons... like mysterious cable troubles... to keep me safely cocooned at home.

but that's silly, right?

1 comment:

rose said...

. . . yeah . . . right . . . THAT's silly!