Sunday, September 30, 2007

home again...

home again, jiggity jig.

what a nice trip. me and laura went up to andover, poked around a new age store there, had a very interesting reading from a reader who thought we were a lesbian couple but it's not often that a reader looks at your cards and says WOW.

but here i am back home, taking a break while the chocolate torte bakes. i added a pinch of coffee to the recipe and it smells heavenly. the lasagna's baking, the meatballs are bubbling and the sausage is stewing.

it's another pretty indian summer day, with a bright note of autumn in the air. the sweet annie is blooming and the birds are chasing each other through the trees. i can almost hear the ravens and the geese calling back and forth... hurry, hurry... soon, soon.

oh, it's good to be home.


Patrice said...

I want you to know that you have one fan who stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading every word. We haven't been in touch in some time, but during that time I "rescued" my Dad from a situation in which he almost succeeded in dying by living alone at 87, and helped move him into a nursing home, renovate and sell his house, and enventually move all the way to Denver. Quite the journey, in all senses. I read your grandmother saga with interest... it isn't easy, parenting the elders.
Congratulations on all the writing -- Seventh Son! So you wrote it. Along with yet another book.
And the upcoming birth. Wow. You have been a productive woman!
I would love to catch up. I have news on my end, too.


annie kelleher said...

patrice - i have your old didnt work...are you still in west hartford? i saw a for sale on your house and all the email addresses i have for you have bounced back! where did you go??