Saturday, September 1, 2007

part one's done

i went to bed at the insanely early hour of 8:15 and woke up at the equally insane hour of 3:00. i got up, walked the puppies, made coffee. then i sat down to write in this deepest darkest part of the night. i heard a few owls hoot, a fox went by my window, setting off the motion sensor light. but mostly it's just the tap of the keys, the whine of the crickets, and the steady trill of the peepers in the golden glow of my lamp. and jack, of course...

this morning i finished eleven chapters, which is the first part of the story. there are three more parts... and the third section, which is five chapters, is in good shape. the major revisions still to do are in the second section, and the last half of the fourth section. so i feel good about my progress since wednesday, and i feel confident - or as confident as i can be - that i will be able to send this manuscript off to my agent on friday or maybe saturday at the latest.

and then what?

oh... the ideas are bubbling..never fear.

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