Monday, September 24, 2007

first full day of fall

the first official full day of fall always seems to me bring with it the sound of crunching leaves, the smell of woodsmoke and apple cider, pumpkins and pie. it makes me want to cook. yesterday was a holiday - a holy day in the truest sense of the word. the energy of the day was deep and rich and still - a day for pausing, a day for giving thanks. today is a day for doing, for bustling, for being. it's the kind of day you need a List.

my good friend rose knows the value of a List. (she also makes a really wonderful mud thing to wash your face in. i wallowed in it last night when i took my sea-salt bath before our ritual. check out rose's blog at WalkInTheWoods on my <- ----- links list.)

a new friend is coming over today and im thinking i might indulge my need to stir and squish and crack and pour. Beloved brought home mashed sweet 'taters and meat loaf last night. i've been craving orange food.... carrots, squash, sweet potatoes... and these were so good i couldn't bear to throw the leftovers away. now im thinking cranberry/sweet potato muffins or maybe a quick bread. i have this wonderful tea i found at one of my favorite restaurants... passiflora.... called spiced plum that's so rich it almost tastes like a hot plum cider. it's even better with a touch of honey and more cinnamon.

so now i'm off... off to make the most essential tool today that will keep me on track and focused... my List!

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