Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Beloved has gone to fetch dinner. i am taking this moment to reflect on all i need to do by sunday at 11 am.

the menus are planned, and if all the food hasn't been acquired yet, i know what i need and when im going to buy it. tomorrow is a simple dinner of pork roast, root veggies, corn bread and apple crisp. saturday - my brother david's birthday - is lasagna, sauteed spinach, garlic bread with baked brie, brown sugar and almonds with pears and bruschetta for appetizers and ice cream cake for dessert. sunday is spiral ham, baked ziti, garlic chicken, potatoe casserole, pineapple pudding, green salad, fruit plate, cake, cupcakes and italian cookies with lemonade, beer, wine, coffee and tea.

i've also remembered that my dear friend josie's fiftieth birthday is saturday and we've been friends for 35 years. we met in high school, my freshman year, which was sept, 1972. i intend to get her a little cake so every one can sing happy birthday to her too! ive purchased my brother's present - a gift card to borders - and cards from everyone to everyone i can think of... for my grandmother to katie, from me and don to katie, for david from me, one from teh kids, one from don (david likes cards); one from me for josie.

i have silverware, decorations, plates, cups (both hot and cold); coffee, tea; 18 lemonades. don is in charge of acquiring wine for sunday; my mother's bringing wine for saturday night. mister percival and brad are in charge of beer for the party.

the bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchen are clean; tomorrow we tackle Zone Five. The garden also needs assessing - the changing table looks amazing with just one coat of finish. tomorrow i work for three hours, too.

i can't say i'm ever bored.

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