Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the sugar and the salt

i had a really wonderful day yesterday...i plowed through a long list of pre-shower chores.... sorted and decluttered a cabinet that was badly in need of sorting and decluttering, and took my grandmother to have her chin waxed and her hair cut. she actually seemed to enjoy it... getting all primped and pampered and of course she was exhausted after two hours. i even managed to make it through more than two-thirds of jack ... it's very clean for the most part and i'm mostly very happy with it. i cooked a decent dinner for the girls - chicken/rice/mushroom casserole - and went off to have a very fun evening chatting with a group of truly lovely women who get together once a month, after stopping to pick up a birthday card and a gift for my hubby who's birthday is TODAY. (happy birthday, donny. i love you more than god.)

the whole time i was driving to the store, i kept feeling the chime in my chest that means my intuition has been ignited. you're going home to trouble, the little voice chimed. you're going home to trouble.

so i sighed and braced myself and ran through the list of the thousand items it coudl be... and went off and had a great time and mostly forgot about the chime in my chest until i started driving home and then i kept hearing... brace yourself, brace yourself.

i walked in.. no trouble. all seemed copacetic. everyone was either snoring and happily engaged. no one wanted Mommy. all was well in annie's world.

but i couldn't settle down. it was like an itch i couldn't reach, a niggly gnawing feeling something was about to Happen.

then the phone rang. this is sunrise, said the voice. your grandmother has fallen and has a head laceration. what hospital do you want us to take her to?

so at ten thirty, i went to the uconn hospital and sat with my grandmother while she raved on and on about the three women who had invaded her home and drove her out. she was perfectly polite and charming to the doctor. i got home at one am. thank goddess im having a massage today at one. i knew i was going to deserve it!


Anonymous said...

Annie, it was great seeing you last night. So sorry about your gramma. Intuition is amazing, isn't it?

P.A. GIbbons said...

Annie; nice to meet you. I am Patti from Eat Man Drink Water...found you through my stats on the blog, which I so rarely check, read your blog and wanted to say hi. It is always very nice to find that someone whom I don't know who is interesting and finds interest in my words. Especially by a writer no less! So say hi sometime...Patti