Thursday, September 27, 2007

full moon in aries

a full moon always brings a lot of energy; a full moon in aries is like an added punch. aries is a cardinal sign, primal, fiery and male. but the trouble with an aries full moon is that because aries energy is so primal, by definition, almost, it's chaotic. so between the expanded lunar energy and the aries cast, yesterday had a lot of charge.

i wrote a whole chapter - albeit a short, skeletal chapter - under its influence. that's different for me, because usually i don't write so easily under a full moon - it's like there's too much of something. once the full moon has passed, i usually experience a kind of flooding as it wanes... the stories and the words tend to flow much more smoothly. but yesterday the aries moon, which is my sun sign - activated my own capricorn moon, which happens to be in the house in my chart in which i have saturn, the workhorse of the universe.

Yesterday was an enormously productive writing day for me. the story is flowing in a slow organic kind of way ... one scene is leading smoothly into the next without my consciously organizing it. my plan is to reach 7500 words - or approximately 3 chapters plus the prologue and assess. so far it's rough and raw and skeletal but the bones of this story are already strong.

be careful driving today... full moons make people crazy; full moons in aries make them chaotic.

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