Tuesday, November 11, 2008

good night, sweet prince

a dear friend of mine lost her husband today. a mutual friend of ours just called and gave me the news. i didn't know the man well but he made my friend mostly happy, except of course when he, like all husbands, sometimes made her crazy.

i looked at Beloved with renewed appreciation and burst into tears. i think i might just want to look at you awhile, i said. i'm so glad you're here.

i'm so glad i'm here, too, replied Beloved as he let me sob against his chest.

first star on the right, and straight on til morning, michael cheryl's-beloved, and may choirs of angels sing thee to a most well-deserved rest. you will be sorely missed.


Allison Jacobs said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

Shades of Scorpio said...

That made me very aware of the lack of husband ... and then I remembered that this is where I am right now. But I do remember that feeling, while actively being in married love. I hope your friend will find peace soon.