Saturday, November 15, 2008

serendipitous saturday

i tend to rely too much on email. the Writer in me embraced email long ago, as a preferred and pithy form of communication that not only happens freely and instanteously, but is created on the keyboard. i LOVE seeing little letters spool into words onto a blank screen. then i tap another key and POOF! email delivered.

it's all wonderful until i can't get on the internet. i tend to forget easily how dependent i've become, until the internet goes down, as it did early this morning, and has been doing for the last couple days. in one way it was a good thing, because i got a lot of stuff done i wouldn't have otherwise. in another way it was a totally bad thing, because it left entirely to Fate that my friend allison and i would actually meet, in the shoe department at nordstrom's.

thus, it was that unencumbered by such things reasonable people would consider a necessity, like cellphone numbers, the girls and i set off on our grand adventure. and we DID meet allison in the shoes - despite a few minor mishaps like going the wrong direction on 84. "i kept hearing a little voice that told me 'you'll meet annie in the shoe department'", said allison.

and her little Voice, just like my little Voice, turned out to be right. ;)

and so i spent a dizzying afternoon at west farms mall, sniffing perfume samples, dipping my nose in the lipstick, rediscovering my love of j. jill sweaters - next time i'm very very good i think i know how i will reward myself - and getting to know allison better.

all in all, a most satisfyingly serendiptious saturday.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Allison Jacobs said...

Great day with you and yours at West Farms mall. My daughter is endlessly grateful to your girls for introducing her to the Gilly Hicks store and it's Bra Library. It is very impressive I must say. It was a pleasure spending time and sniffing perfume samples with you.

P.A. GIbbons said...

all girls need a day like that now and then... I am due soon!