Saturday, November 8, 2008

reading day

laura and i did three readings together today. one of the ladies we read for seemed quite taken aback at the idea of the two of us reading together, but it is a skill we developed some years ago, as we were opening to our individual gifts. this ability is called co-linking and it is a particularly powerful and affirming experience for both of us, i think it's safe for me to say.

when we hear ourselves describing the same thing, but in different words, or even saying the same thing at the exact same time, we not only feel intensely validated, but i believe the person we are reading for finds the information more accurate as well.

the information, as laura describes it, comes in waves, like the ocean, in bursts of energy/light/sound that resonate then recede. if the client declines to own it, the energy eventually fades away. the spirit needs an anchor in the physical world and if it doesn't find one, it goes.

sometimes the people we read for are reluctant to open up - i think they're expecting a ghost whisperer experience where the laura and i "see" the energy in the same way we see each other. just a few days ago, laura and i were invited to speak at passiflora in january. our topic will be what to expect from a psychic reading.

i'm thinking we could probably write a pretty cool article about that, too.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Spirit said...

that is awesome that the idea that came up at the circel last month in now comin g into fruition at passiflora. what to