Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a question for my readers who blog

in between the election and the renovations, i've been thinking about the class on blogging im expected to give on thursday evening. (i also have a radio show to do that afternoon - it never rains, but it pours.)

i've been thinking about blogging, about why i blog, about why others blog. but besides the question why blog at all, i wondered what makes people start in the first place.

i started blogging over a year ago, just around the time we moved my grandmother out of her house at the jersey shore where she had lived for nearly 100 years, and up here to connecticut. on the one hand, i know the blog serves as an outlet, a cathartic release, a blend of public rant and private whine. if no will remember me for my secret thoughts, what better place to make them public?

but sometimes it feels like more than that.

so what about you, gentle readers-who-also-blog? what got you started?

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

what made you start?


Walk in the Woods said...

To piggy back off my prior comments to your prior query ...

I've been blogging a long time. I started because - well - I was guided to do so. Part of my charge (and goddess will back me up on this) is to share my experience with others.

Whatever experience that may be in the moment.

It's that simple.

Any benefits that have grown from this practice are simply icing on the blog cake.

Shades of Scorpio said...

I think for some of us (or maybe all in subtler forms) it is our art. Some people draw, paint, create jewelry (raising hand), build buildings....some Write. And it is amazing art. Words transform life. Expression and creativity come into play. Self challenge to have something to say or to say it in a (hopefully and hipfully interesting way). Or....just to hopefully take something that we found, we love and we want to share it with everyone (say a food, a cure, a mind set)and rah rah rah it into connecting with others (and they do the same for us when we read theirs). Connecting - that's pretty huge I think. I rambled. =) But that's just my opinion...

livewater said...

I started because I became addicted to ready my friend's blog - lovely Rose. And that got me thinking and hmm what a good place to put down my thoughts, and rants and frustrations and so here I am.

Kathy said...

I started when you sent me the link to your blog and I enjoyed reading it. One day I noticed the little sign in the corner: create blog. Well, I have always followed directions well, so I did.
Sometimes when I don't blog it isn't because I have nothing to say but because I have too much to say. I think I would be a happier blogger if I'd write something, anything, almost every day. Then some days I'd have great epistles and some days I'd have weather reports. But I would have communicated each day.

P.A. GIbbons said...

I have kept diaries on and off for years---also did the Artist's way a few times. I realized that I had some interesting stories to tell, that I LOVED to write as much as I love to make art, so I started blogging a few years ago, with no expectations of where it would lead and if I would even keep it up.

As time went by and people enjoyed what I had to say, my blogging has become one of the things that I MUST make time for. It has honed my writing skills, and I hope that it makes others laugh, think, feel better about life and their experiences. It is a link to others in this crazy busy world.

Another bonus...I have met YOU!