Monday, November 10, 2008

the haunting of molly whats-her-name

yesterday was one of those golden autumn days when for a few deceptive hours, the sun shines bright as may. the light moved like liquid through the nearly ordered rooms, waking rainbows of color - indigo and ruby, emerald and azure - from all the glass now displayed. the newly-potted plants preened and stretched, the floors grew warm.

yesterday was one of those sweetly satisfying days in which productivity is balanced by rest and reward, when time in service to others is perfectly aligned with time spent in service to self. it felt good to get things done. it felt good to do nothing.

one part of the nothing was going along with libby to see some kid in a movie about a girl whose soul is sold to the devil at birth. why, exactly, her parents did this is murky, and why, exactly, her mother and other parents so afflicted believe that to kill the child before their 18th birthday nullifies the contract, so to speak, is left completely unclear.

like all fantasy, the movie works on a mythic level - if you substitute personal names for archetypes like Child and Parent and Devil and Angel, you get some interesting juxtapositions of theme. when i tried to point this out to meg and libby they shushed me and told me i think too much, and maybe i do but it's interesting. it seemed to me that the real message of the movie was that rich people are evil and spiritual people are crazy (and suggests its better to be rich than crazy.) i don't recommend anyone actually see this movie unless you happen to be writing a paper about Feminine Images of Good and Evil in Popular Film or something like that. but it gave the little squirrels in my head something to chew on during the drive home.

today's a baby jake day - a day i expect to be short on productivity and long on cuddles.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Judy Vars said...

Did you stop being Cranky? or is that a retorical question.
(satisfied smiles)
did you know that my word verification today is COVEN?
That's wierd isn't it.

Walk in the Woods said...

Fantasy? Are you sure? Sounds like a comedy to me!

BTW - Rick tells me I think too much!

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

Do you think too much? You're a writer. How could you NOT think too much? LOL