Sunday, November 23, 2008

simple ironies

i watched a show about polygamy last night. it was about a fundamentalist branch of the mormon church that practices a bizarre and antediluvian rite called "plural marriage." they are alive and practicing and abusing women and children even as i write this - a patriarchial monster that dare not say its name but apparently feels safe enough to exist in the wilds of places like arizona and texas (two states that went for john mccain, as i recall.) even the so-called "real" mormons disavow them, or so the real mormons say.

but does anyone else find it interesting that so many of the real mormons spent so much time and money fighting gay marriage in california, while a renegade sect of their own kind flourishes? silence, after all, implies consent. to simply turn their backs and simply ignore these disgusting throwbacks all the while concentrating on spending huge sums of money to deny stable couples the right to marry under the laws of a State, not a Church... does anyone else find this particularly revolting?

didn't jesus say something about them without sin being the ones allowed to throw stones? or am i missing something?

people like warren jeffs and his cronies shouldn't be allowed to exist in america, let alone walk around freely. and yet the Big White Men (who call themselves prophets, no less - jesus said something about False Prophets, too, as i recall) in salt lake city are more worried about gay sex than the abuse of women and children by other White Men who purport to spout their own creed.

it's disgusting and despicable is what it is. i bet if they took half the money they collected to fight proposition 8 in california, and applied it to fighting jeffs and his benighted followers (aren't their souls worth saving, brothers?) they could wipe out the practice of polygamy once and for all. it may take a while and it may ultimatly cost more money, but wouldn't their own people be better served?

the mormons built a church around the corner from my house. the wild celt in me is waiting for some of their nice young men to come knock on my door. just waiting.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Martha said...

Great post, I live in California and will continue to work against the prejudice and hate of Proposition 8. The irony of the Mormons always amuses me, they are trying so hard to convert us "heathens" that they neglect their own house. When the nice young men come to my door, I proudly announce my Wiccan status and holler for my "wife" to come to the door and listen. The look on their faces--- Priceless.
Blessed be to you and yours today.

annie kelleher said...

amen, sister~~!!! and rightbackatcha, as they say where i come from ;)!

Allison said...

If they really wanted to wipe out polygamy they could. However, since it would probably step on the toes of some of their family members, I'm not holding my breath for them to do the right thing.

I wonder if the hatred of gay marriage has something to do with hatred of the idea of women living together without a patriarch to keep them in line. Women left to their own devices ...hmmm could be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Mormons, just ask me, I am one it's in my family genealogy. Everything you say is true as far as any of us can know the truth. Mormons are odd people but they are my people. My kin were driven out of NY and Missouri and settled in SLC to practice their bizarre religion as the constitution allows. The polygamists are the ugly step children a throw back from the early beginnings of the church and have been disowned but tolerated. There is so much persecution and misunderstanding still today. I don't practice the faith because of the patriarchal elitist beliefs and it’s hard being one of them. I'm sorry I am not up on their meddling in prop 8. Believe it or not the Mormon Church tolerates gays and are good people in general.
When the sweet faced missionaries come to your door let that wild celt out it sounds like wicked fun!

annie kelleher said...

anon - thanks for your comments... oh yes, it can be lots of fun when the wild celt comes out to play!! :))) and allison - you coudl very well be right! :)

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Veggie Mom said...

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