Tuesday, November 25, 2008

things i am grateful for

the air was warm and soft as april, the rain was steady as june's, but the sky was infused with january's pearly blue when i walked the puppies. i breathed the moist wet air, crunched the pine needles beneath my shoes. it's not the temperature that tells you where you are in the year. it's the light.

we are deep in the dark of it. even january sees the light growing stronger, the days minutely lengthening. november is the slow grim slide into the black, the time of reckoning and shedding. the pilgrims didn't invent the idea of thanks for a bountiful harvest.

and so here, on the eve of one of the quietest thanksgivings i'm preparing to spend in recent memory, in no particular order, is a list of some of the things i am most grateful for this year.

1. for my health. a lot of it has nothing to do with me or the way i treat my body. i got lucky and won some really good genes.

2. for my Beloved. that we met online in a chat room that doesn't exist any more, even in cyberspace still makes us giggle. that we married each other on a golden morning on a hawaiian beach still makes us laugh out loud. that our Souls seemed to recognize each other still takes my breath away.

3. for my kids. they know why.

4. for my friends. i hope they know why, too.

5. that those of us who Think banded together and for one brief shining moment, beat back the Darkness and let the Light shine through. if obama lives up to half that promise, better days are ahead.

6. for my grandmother's death. a long life lived well is a blessing, a long life lived miserably is a curse. you gave me the good fight, roey. now we can both rest in peace.

7. for the Earth, and those who love and care for Her.

8. for my puppies. if only all puppies everywhere could be so loved.

9. for the Silence, the peace and the dark sweetness of the cold i can feel closing in. i'm looking forward to spending thanksgiving mostly in my jammies! :)

so what about you, Gentle Reader? what are you most grateful for? in no particular order, of course :).

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Dina said...

I am grateful to have a Hubby that is so supportive, in fact he is liking my new bellydance body and I think is prepared to pay for as much childcare as I need to go more often (LOL)
And I am thankful for my child who is so trying yet so smart and funny, that I know as the years progress we will get ever closer.
My friends, who are family to me when I have none near.
The ability to do things that I am passionate about and that do not suck my soul!

Martha said...

I am grateful for it all, for the opportunity to partake of the Feast of Life, my life, my loves, my pain, my sorrows, all of it. I am grateful for learning to let go.
I am grateful for this moment you have given me to reflect upon this truth and breathe it in.

Lynette said...

I am always thankful for my daughter who not only is the soul of my soul but is a reasoning, thinking adult. I see to many her age who are unable to put a thought of reason together. I am happy and grateful to have a husband who adores me for who I am. He is supportive of me and allows me time to do things the way I need them done. I am thrilled that I still have my mother here with me at 75 yrs old. And in great health too!
My friends, family and pets...what can we say without our supporting cast.

Zen Ventures said...

I am grateful for the chance to enjoy life no matter how sordid or depressing it can be sometimes. There is so much to learn and yet so little time to do most things :)

P.A. GIbbons said...

I love that you met your man online and got married on the beach in Hawaii no less! I met mine at a party hosted by a bunch of gay men in the movie industry...so for a while I thought my man was gay. Till he kissed me some time later. But that is for a blog story. lol.

I am MOST thankful to have another holiday with my daughter..that the universe is keeping her healthy, and for her two lovely children who love me unconditionally.

And for my cyberspace friens who rock!