Sunday, February 22, 2009

granny annie's spring lamb stew

a rainy-slushy-snowy late winter day requires an especially warming dish. i came home from my writers' circle to find this waiting for me... i put it in the oven before i left.

in an ovenproof pot, preferably cast iron, heat four or five slices of bacon until the fat is rendered and the meat is crisp. remove from the pot and set aside.

chop two - three pounds of lamb into chunks. you can use any kind of lamb - i like blade chops as they are a cheaper cut of meat with lots of flavor. you can remove excess fat this way as well. brown the meat in batches in the bacon fat. when the meat is browned, scrape the bottom for all the burned bits.

to the pot, add 4 leeks, chopped into thin rings - all the white and half inch of pale green - 2 parsnips and 2 carrots, chopped. also, 2 cups of beef stock, preferably homemade but canned is okay, and 1/4 cup scotch or 3/4 cup irish stout. (granny annie doesn't recommend any other substitutions because she hasn't tried them.) season with 4 tbsp fresh chopped thyme, 2 tbsp fresh chopped rosemary and the bacon, crumbled.

cover and cook in a slow oven (250 degrees F) four hours, adding more liquid as necessary.

serve over a slice thick brown bread, although any crusty bread, will do.


Lynette said...

this sounds good but alas no lamb in the freezer.
but i do have a goose
any ideas on how to "cook one's own goose?"

annie kelleher said...

ive never cooked a real goose ever!!!

April said...

You know, I've never been a big fan of lamb, but this sounds very good to me...I may just have to give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing it!

Vina Puspita said...

Woaaw,,that's sounds good!

pam said...

mmmm...sounds like a nice welcoming meal.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Wow....that sounds fantastic!!

I love the picture of the pup on your profile handsome/lovely??

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Kim said...

sounds yummy, my mouth is watering

mrsb said...

Oh, my, that sounds delish! It will have to go on my list of recipes to try!

Kathy said...

That looks great. I'll have to try it next week maybe.